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Mystim E-Stim Accessories

by Mystim
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Original price £32.95
£32.95 - £32.95
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Charming Chuck

Mystim Charming Chuck - Set of 2 elastic straps for the most intense stimulation.The straps are easily to bend and can be easily adjusted. Can be used around the penis head or the testicles.

Extra Spiny Spencer E-Stim Pinwheel

He is often mistaken for a pasta wheel, but although let's say - he is pretty much suitable to use on noodles - that's not what our Extra Spiny Spencer is mainly about: he is a monopolar e-stim toy with small wheels that provide gentle to intense stimulation to all body parts. It impresses with over 100 spikes spread on 5 wheels made from steel, so it always hits the right spot. Whether you decide to use Spencer's wheels to provide gentle stimulation or simply let its electrical impulses bring you intense pleasure, is entirely up to you. As it is a monopolar toy you need another self-adhesive electrode or e.g. one of the Rodeo Robin penis-loops in order to create a proper circuit for the current to travel on.   Warning   Do not use in case of heart complaints/pacemaker or with cardiac arrhythmias Do not use if you are pregnant Do not place on eyelids Do not place on damaged skin  Avoid abrupt changes in shock in/adjustment  Keep out of reach of children Do not turn on the control unit until you have attached the accessories to the body, not before.

Mystim Electrode Cable Extra Robust

The 160 cm long cable is reinforced with a flexible copper wire which makes it extra strong. The connectors are a Mystim round plug (male) on one side and a pair of 2 mm plugs (male) on the other. Each pack contains two cables. a

Self-Adhesive Electrodes

Self-adhesive reusable electrodes (40 x 40 mm). Suitable for all gadgets with a 2mm-plug.

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