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Master Series Ball Stretcher

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Original price £77.95
£24.95 - £92.95
Current price £77.95

Magnet Master Magnetic Ball Stretcher

Great for CBT enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys a stretching sensation on their balls, this heavy stainless steel ball-stretcher has two halves that hold together magnetically. The durable design gives you nearly a pound of weight to pull down on your balls. The powerful magnet makes this device easy to put on and take off, just be careful to keep all your skin within the ring! Use it on your own or with a partner to test your limits. Stainless steel is compatible with all types of lubricant and sanitizes thoroughly with mild soap and warm water.

Spiked Cbt Ball Stretcher With Scrotum Separator

This devious device will separate and restrain your balls while the adjustable intensity screws provide intense CBT sensation. Each of the screws is topped by a point, designed to twist deeper into your tender flesh with every turn. The barrel is split to open completely, and the arm swings away for easy installment. Just clamp the barrel around the base of your scrotum and attach the arm with the included lock. Now, there is no escape. There is an included allen wrench to adjust the pressure of each point, 6 total. Use this intense toy to test the limits of what you can take, or remove the screws completely to use as a standard ball stretcher. The choice is yours...

Ring Master Ball Stretcher Kit

Discover new levels of pleasure with this customizable ball-stretching kit! Perfect for both beginners and those who want to push their limits, this set of six stretchy rings allows you to add tension one ring at a time. Find the perfect tugging sensation as your scrotum is pulled downward more and more with each ring you add. For even more excitement, use one as a cock ring for increased sensitivity and a harder erection while your balls are stretched

Hells Tether Ball Stretcher With Ankle Cuffs

Kneel, totally surrender and wait for instructions with this intense Hells Tether Ball Stretcher. This ball stretcher is not for beginners and demands iron discipline! The metal ring goes around the scrotum and closes with a lock. The attached cuffs go around the ankles, which restricts free movement very much. This ball stretcher features a beautiful, tough design and comes with an Allen key. The cuffs provide plenty room for adjustment and feature firm clasps and removable locks. Measurements: The ball stretcher has an inner diameter of 3.1 cm. It is 2.5 cm high and the metal is 1.2 cm thick. The ankle cuffs can be adjusted between 21.5 and 33 cm. The chain is 22.8 m long.

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