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Fröhle Breast Pump

by Fröhle
Original price £94.95 - Original price £94.95
Original price £94.95
£94.95 - £94.95
Current price £94.95

Fröhle Bp003 Breast Pump Solo Cup C

Are you not that happy with your breast size? The Fröhle breast pump provides better blood circulation and increases breast sensitivity. The breast pump features a grip pump that provides maximum 800 Mbar (millibar.) The clear, flexible cup has a diameter of 135 mm, a depth of 130 mm and it fits a C-cup. The set comes with a tube, attachment for the grip pump, pressure regulator and a release valve. With regular use, a visible improvement can be achieved in the long run and breasts feel fuller and larger. Application: First, apply some cream to the breast. Next, position the cylinder over the breast and push it against the body. Connect the vacuum pump's tube with the tube connector on the cylinder, and create a vacuum by gently actuating the grip pump. Be aware that the sensitive skin of the breasts needs to adjust slowly to the negative pressure. During use, frequently open the pressure regulator. To somewhat reverse the blood flow. Then pump again until you reach the desired effect. Never use the breast pump for more than 20 minutes and stop immediately in case of pain or discomfort.

Fröhle Sp005 Pump

This separate pump easily combines with all Fröhle pump systems. The pump provides an adequate vacuum effect with 250 MBAR suction power of. That makes it perfect for beginners who want to get acquainted with this special and exciting sensation. Includes a connection hose and valve. The pump ball is 6 cm and fits the hand well. Total length of 25 cm.

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