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Durex Speciality Condoms

by Durex
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Original price £14.95
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Durex Orgasm Intense Condoms 10pcs

The Orgasm Intense Condoms from the Durex collection are stimulating condoms that provide more pleasure for her during sex. The ribbed and napped condoms have a stimulating texture and a special gel that makes the intimate areas more sensitive. The varying simulation of the dots, ribs, and warm and cold tingling sensations will make sure you and your partner will experience an unforgettable night together.

Durex Perfect Gliss Condoms 10pcs

These Perfect Gliss condoms have a teat end and extra silicone-based lubricant, so they dry out three times slower than water based lubricant condoms. These condoms are scentless and have a neutral taste. Medium circumference is 56 mm. Suitable for anal, vaginal or oral use.

Durex Performa Condoms 10pcs

Enjoy long-lasting pleasure in the bedroom with Durex's Performa condoms. The condoms are provided with a special lubricant that delays an orgasm. Now you can enjoy each other undisturbed, in a safe way. Durex Performa condoms have a normal thickness and a nominal width of 56 millimeters. The latex condoms are transparent.

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms 10pcs

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms provide maximum stimulation for you and your partner. The special fit with ridges and nubs provides an extra intense sensation for both you and your partner. The ridges are located at the bottom of the condom for maximum anal stimulation. In addition, the extra convex shape provides extra friction and more stimulation! In principle, every tested condom is suitable for vaginal, oral and anal contact, as long as it fits well and a you use a sufficient amount of lubricant.

Durex Real Feel Condoms 20pcs

Thanks to the revolutionary Real Feel material without latex, with these condoms you will experience a natural skin-to-skin feeling with your partner. With the anatomical Pleasure-FitTM shape and soft texture, they fit perfectly to your body and feel like a second skin. The Durex Real Feel condoms are made of polyisoprene to minimize the risk of latex allergies.

Durex Sensitivo Suave Condooms 144 pcs

The Durex Sensitivo Suave condoms are extra thin for a more intense experience. Includes a standard silicone-based lubricant and has a neutral scent. The condoms feature a comfortable fit.

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