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Oxballs Squeeze Ballstretcher Plus+silicone Special Edition

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SQUEEZE hourglass ballstretcher in new NIGHT EDITION. Velvety silicone-finish PLUS+silicone⢠blend, TPR for amazing stretch + silicone for a rubbery, warm feel. NIGHT BLACK color is a deep, dull-finish black that feels warm and silky smooth, less grippyâit glides on more like vintage black rubberâit looks rich and deep and feels super slick. <br><br>SQUEEZE is thick, a hourglass blubbery ballstretcher designed to comfortably stretch your sack with the right squeeze in the middle and less at the top and bottom. It works. This is Oxballs' all-time most popular ballstretcher; itâs gotta be right. <br><br>SQUEEZE is a thick, blubbery ballstretcher designed to meld to your junk like a second skin. Each end of SQUEEZE is topped with squishy padding and an inner ring inside at the top and bottom designed to keep your nuts down. <br><br>The curved design of the inner chamber grips your sack tight without stranglin' the life outta your boys. Think of it like a hand gently tuggin' on your ballbag. <br><br>SQUEEZE's ergo-curved design and lightweight material make it a must-have for your ballstretching routine. <br><br>Width: 2" <br>Height: 1.75" <br>Outer circumference: 5.5 - 6" <br>Inner Circumference: 3.5" <br>Weight: 1.6 oz <br>Made in CHINA