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Oxballs Weighted Squeeze Ballstretcher

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HEAVY SQUEEZE weighted ballstretcher hangs weights on your ballbag, putting three weights directly on your sack in rubbery holders attached to our best original SQUEEZE ballstretcher. HEAVY SQUEEZE comes with 3 stainless-steel weights you can add separately for added weight, less when you want, more when you NEED! <br /><br />Most ballstretchers that use weights hang weights on hooks under your sack or around the sides on a parachute where they swing and bang your thighs or balls&hellip; HEAVY SQUEEZE puts the weight in the middle of the ballsack ABOVE your balls, where the weight has the most &ldquo;feel.&rdquo; <br /><br />Three &ldquo;weight pockets&rdquo; are spaced around the perimeter of the stretcher for more balance&mdash;weights that tug you evenly down all the way around. The hourglass shape grips&mdash;it's got inner rings at the top and bottom keeps it from sliding down a sweaty greasy sack&hellip; this thing stays on even while you stand and pump. <br /><br />HEAVY SQUEEZE comes with three stainless steel rod weights that won't rust or corrode; it&rsquo;s the tugger that becomes part of your sex, fits on you the right way. <br /><br />Flextpr&trade; our own super-stretchy, strong blend&mdash;the right grip that doesn&rsquo;t pinch. Phthalate free and no scent. <br /><br />LUBE SAFE: Water-based, hybrid, or silicone lube recommended. Oil-based lubes not recommended. <br /><br />HEAVYSQUEEZE approximate stats<ul><li>Total product height: 2"/51 mm</li><li>Total product width: 3&rdquo;/77 mm</li><li>Total product length: 2.75&rdquo;/70 mm</li><li>Inside ballring circumference (widest): 4&rdquo;/102 mm</li><li>Inside ballring diameter (widest): 1.25&rdquo;/32 mm</li><li>Inside ballring circumference (narrowest): 3.25&rdquo;/83 mm</li><li>Inside ballring diameter (narrowest): .9&rdquo;/23 mm</li><li>Weight (ballstretcher only): 2.9 ounces/.08 kilograms</li></ul><br />WEIGHTS<ul><li>Height: .5&rdquo;/13 mm</li><li>Width: .5&rdquo;/13 mm</li><li>Length: 1&rdquo;/26 mm</li><li>Circumference: 1.5&rdquo;/39 mm</li><li>Diameter: .5&rdquo;/13 mm</li><li>Weight (individual weight): 1 ounce/.03 kilograms (x3 = 3 oz.)</li></ul>
Color: Black