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All Black XXL dongs

Original price £24.99 - Original price £47.99
Original price £24.99
£24.99 - £47.99
Current price £24.99

31.5cm Dong

This wonderful black dong from All Black is specially designed in segments allowing you to insert it at your own pace whilst enjoying the stimulating bulges. The dong is extra long - up to 31.5 cm and you can determine yourself how deep you want to go.

33.6cm Dong

With this black XXL dong from All Black, the tension will really increase. This special dong has a wide bottom that is getting narrower towards the top. In addition, each layer has a special groove that provides extra stimulation.

33.5cm Dong

This black XXL dong from All Black is extra long and ensures optimal levels of pleasure. Its unique form is specially designed to bring you as much pleasure as possible. Its thick underside culminating in a narrow tip, ensures extra stimulation. The wide flat underside ensures a good grip making the dong easy to keep hold of.

33cm Dong

This realistic XXL dong is an experience not to be missed. It is designed in such detail to allow you to enjoy all a toy has to give. The life-like veins and the glans ensure optimal stimulation. It is easy to clean this dong.

34cm Dong

Are you the lookout for an extra long and stimulating dong? Look no further than this black ribbed dong from All Black. It is extra long ensuring deep insertion. The dong contains bulges spread over the entire shaft which provide extra stimulation.

31.6cm Dong

Experience amazing sensations with this black XXL dong from All Black. It is exactly the same shape as a real penis and has a life-like tip What makes this dong so unique is the groves in the shaft. These ensure amazing levels of stimulation.After use you can easily clean all these toys by using water. Rinse well, let it dry and your dildo is ready for the next time.