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🇺🇦🇺🇦 We support Ukraine. Click here to donate to the humanitarian fund.🇺🇦🇺🇦

About Us

Hello! Hello! Hello!

It all began in a brightly lit studio flat in Central London, two gays met through a series of fortunate circumstances and hastily went on to become friends, housemates, fuck buddies, business partners and then to dream, discuss, build and conquer! (positive vibes everybody)

     We'd like to say it was a well thought out, well executed, smooth as fuck plan. But alas, every day is a school day! We wanted to create a sex store that would put a stop to the excessive price tags that dominate the sex toy industry and the stereotypes that come with them. One of the most exploited with negative connotations in both the LGBTQIA+ Community and heterosexual community is that of "Fetish". It stirs up images of dark, gloomy dungeons, and people in perverted agony putting unspeakable things in unspeakable places...brings a tear to ones eye.

     This stigmatised vision people have of kinks and fetishes drives the bearer to unnecessary feelings of shame, a feeling we, as gay men were brought up from birth with, everywhere we looked, in books, fairytales, TV shows, advertisements, we were taught that our feelings were wrong and to be ashamed of who we were through the onslaught of heteronormativity (holy shit thats a word!)...

*cue fade to black*


     NO MORE! We say! We as a society should elevate each other for that which makes us unique, not exclude others for not conforming to "vanilla". We could go on about how we deserve it to our ancestors of the LGBTQIA+ Community to know our history and use it to grow etc. But just do yourself a favour, go and watch Its A Sin from Queer-Writer-Extraordinaire Russell T Davies, then watch Jimmy Kimmels 2019 Interview of Jonathan Van Ness. Where we've come from, and where we should all be heading! (Russell, Jonathan if you read this, hit us up! ;))

     So we created Get Hard, with a bright pink website and tongue-in-cheek brand we began our story to try and better ourselves and in turn, society by ridding some of the stigma and shame that is brought down on us all as humans. Its toxic behaviour that quite frankly I don't have time for! Right up there with self-deprecation and anyones "fear of offending".

Lets face it, we were all thinking it when Alyssa shouted "Look how fuckin' orange you look!".

Thats all.

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!" Socrates, 350BC

Warmest Regards

The Boys

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